Friday, April 8, 2011

Disconnect to connect!

 “Mobile phones make our relationship stronger and will block the new relationship to make.”

This has been said by famous hindi lyricist Prasoon Joshi in a interview. He was giving an example that when he was in a clinic waiting for his turn in a queue. He was feeling bored to wait and he took out his mobile phone and started texting his friends. End of the day when he thinks back at that situation he suddenly felt that if mobile phone wasn't there then he would have talked to the person next to him. He would have asked that person what happened, about his illness and he would have wished him good.  A feel good air would have been there around him, if such a conversation was there. He would have grown as a person with being human approach with the guy who is not well. By choosing to use the mobile phone, over a conversation with the guy next to him he thought he missed an opportunity to connect with new people instead  he made a move to make strong his bonding with the friend who is already connected.

I was thinking over this for long period. Many instances I have seen and even I have gone through and made such a move. Some days back I saw an advertisement showing this issue with conviction. The message is conveyed so perfectly, even though I’m very much towards writing field, I still feel that visually in that ad it has been showed with a precision. The feel, the visual, the effect is perfect in place.

I have attached here, hope you see and not to enjoy, to think.

Another issue is with the generation which we are living is the shorter attention span. Be it as bigger as national problem, natural disaster or be it a small issue of spending 2 minutes of power cut. And mobile phone is used as an escape route for our shorter attention span. If you meet a good old friend you talk and talk, after a while if you keep quiet for some minutes suddenly he goes in to the world of mobile phone.

One day I was in the bus and a girl was sitting in a seat which is meant for senior citizen. The bus was moderately full and nobody was standing. That girl was immensely inside the mobile may be chatting via text or with some apps or game. In one bus stand couple of 70 above person entered the bus, and they are in standing but the girl didn’t come down from her mobile world.

Even I observe before the start of any seminar, or even the introduction of the seminar (sometimes in between seminar too!) I will see people hooked in to their world of hand phone.

And I feel in this fast world - keeping quiet, doing nothing for 5 minutes is most difficult thing to do!

Or it might be an example of necessity (mobile phone is for communicating with people who stays far) is shifting its arms over luxury or depending on machine (I can’t live without my hand phone!)! 

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