Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Between need and greed!

I was studying my 10th class, when I saw this ad about the tuition. 

It was a private school, only meant for tuition for the students beside their normal college hours. I heard some of the lecturer's from my college was also teaching in the tuition school. (After many years the rules has been made such that college lecturer's should not teach in tuition schools for the reason to be fair to the students who don’t go to tuition or cant afford the tuition fee). In the ad they have put the student's name who got a rank by studying in that tuition school with the recommendation sentence from that guy with his 32 teeth smile.  I felt very happy so that by joining the tuition my mathematics number will improve and I could get a seat in a good college. 

With the dream behind me I went to apply for the tuition. There was a big queue. It was a small town where I live, so people always have a big dreams may be to go to cities, earn hell lot of money, enjoy the new movies (in my town all the old films use to come) etc etc. When I'm taking the application I saw the eligibility section. It was written there if you want to join there you should have got minimum of 80% in your previous class. In which I was no where nearby. I was thinking that If I'm in that standard of marks why should I join tuitions here? First of all tuition's main intention is to make a 40 marks or below student to 70 and above level. When a student is already brilliant then a inspirational speech would be enough for him to get more marks, right? 

Then I thought this tuition class would be useful for the students who has 30 teeth smile to make him 32 teeth smile student. And put him in to ad and attract guy's like me and make money if I'm useful. Of course I didn’t go to the tuition (I thought they are not right to give tuitions and, they thought I'm not eligible to join the tuitions.. Now I feel we both are right!) still able to get distinction at 10th grade. 

My point is, a lower grade student might need an extra effort from the teaching side which may not (most of the cases) be fulfilled from attending college classes only. So the need is for him, who want to get good score, who cant follow lecturer's rush to finish syllabus in college. 

It is not only for students, in general any section of the life the point is help to be  provided for needy people not to greedy.